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Nylon Rivets can be used to install the Letter Track to a background material.

Background Material Thickness: For Material Ranging from 3/64" to 3/16" thickness


  • Package of 100 rivets
  • Nylon rivets, not a pop rivets
  • Made for mounting changeable lettering track to a background material
  • To fasten track to 3 /64" - 3/16" backgroundmaterial
  • Rivet Diameter: approx 3/16"


For rivet installation: drill a hole through the track and background (maximum 8" center to center). To fasten track to 1/8" - 3/16" background, drill .219 diameter hole (3/16" drill bit). Insert the Pronto rivet, then push the pin to its closed position.

100x Track Rivets - Medium - For Material Ranging from 3/64" to 3/16" Thick

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