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i-View Nexnovo Transparent LED Displays  - XT Series - Full Color   

i-View NEXNOVO Transparent LED Glass displays continues to gain popularity as a new technology.


XT series screens, also called a transparent digital poster solves the advertisement for a variety of Retail chain stores.

Indoor display mounts behind a glass window. Often sign permits are not required.

The display will read almost any video and images content format such as jpg, jpg, png, mov, wmv, mp4, etc


Color: Full color RGB. Displays photos images, video, graphic animation, and full color text.

Communication: USB stick drive upload, wireless or direct wire

Image Orientation: The display can be mounted and used in either landscape or portrait format

Brightness: 6000 NIT  


Electrical Plug: 120 Volts

Warranty: 1 Year

NX Series Transparent LED Screen

NX Series Transparent LED Screen

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XT Transparent LED Glass Display

Model XT3S 


Display: 25.9" x 39.9" 

Cabinet: 28.75" x 39.5" x 2"


Cabinet Rating: Interior use